About Us

Institute of Space Science and Engineering

The Institute is affiliated with the African University of Science and Technology (AUST), Abuja,   The ISSE is headed by the Provost. Though ISSE runs as an autonomous entity, it is subjected to all standards and structure of AUST.  

The motto of the Institute is Space Technology for Prosperity


The Institute of Space Science & Engineering (ISSE),  located at the Obasanjo Space Centre in Abuja-FCT, was established June, 2015. It is a unique postgraduate Institute set to address the growing needs of  scientific and space knowledge, and innovations in Nigeria and the Africa continent at large.

The Institute currently has four major programmes, in four departments, namely:

  1. Department of Space Physics
  2. Department of Geoinformatics and GIS Applications
  3. Department of Aerospace Engineering
  4. Department of Systems Engineering
Our Vision:

To be a leading institute of space research and development in the continent of Africa, demonstrating and enabling high-quality teaching and enterprise for maximum economic impact and benefit of humanity.

Our Mission:

Pursue learning and innovation through research and development-oriented programmes and initiatives; engage in meaningful academia-academia and academia-industry relationships, including fruitful international collaborations with advanced space organisations; and sustaining leadership in the dissemination of advanced knowledge and space-based solutions for industries and the African continent.